Frequently asked questions.

What is the cost?

The cost will depend on what you require for your project.

Service costs can be found on the Pricing page.


What is the process?

Contact PT Media to discuss your project.

PT Media can then review and provide a proposal and quote for your project.

The process moving forward is to:

  • Design and develop your website or requested materials.
  • Liaise with you regarding design, content and any changes.
  • Publish your website once the project is ready, including search engine optimisation, then begin monitoring.
  • Review your website including search results and make changes as required.
  • Maintain your website and make any changes as required.
  • Review and report on your search listings.

Invoices are provided on completion of the first project and then periodically over time. Invoices can be requested at any time and periodic payment arrangements are available as agreed. Maintenance plans can be negotiated as needed.

I want to build my own website, what do you suggest?

For any DIY website builder, I suggest trialling some services (if that is on offer) to see if you can work with the software and get the result you are looking for.

Squarespace provides a good service and works well if you have nice images.

Shopify is the market leader for self-managed online shops.

Weebly looks like good value, providing websites and online stores. Weebly also integrates well with Square, a fantastic cost-effective payments system.

Strikingly also looks cost effective, offering a nice looking, easy to edit option although I have not used it myself.

Just be aware when you look at these options that they all have some limitations due to being ‘set’ rather than custom services, and additional costs can be incurred if you want add on services like search engine optimisation etc.

Here is some more useful detailed information to help you compare and decide:

Can I host my website with PT Media and build it myself?

PT Media only provides web hosting to clients who have their website built and managed by PT Media. This is to ensure website and server security for all client websites on the shared private server.

Other great platforms are available to self-manage your website.

Can I maintain my own website?

PT Media can provide editing documents along with some basic training sessions, showing how to edit your website.

You can request login access to your website administration dashboard.

You may find it easier to do your own maintenance if you do it more regularly.

If you want to maintain your own website you might prefer to use a website builder service like squarespace, weebly or shopify.

PT Media completes regular website maintenance as included with Web Hosting fees to update software and review website performance.

PT Media is always available to help or do the maintenance for you if you have troubles.

Maintenance plans can also be negotiated.

WordPress editing tutorials can be found here –

Links are also available from within your website administration dashboard.

How does ongoing maintenance work?

Ongoing maintenance can be done by yourself or by PT Media.

Self Maintenance

See this faq – Can I maintain my website myself?

Maintenance by PT Media

PT Media can cost effectively maintain your website. We know the website and software intimately so we can get maintenance done quickly.

When you want a change made to your website, email PT Media with the details you want changed and any files or images. We can then update your website and confirm back when it’s completed.

PT Media completes maintenance on an hourly rate basis. All maintenance activity is logged by the minute and listed on accounts when they are prepared. Maintenance plans can also be negotiated as needed. Smaller updates will be done automatically without a specific quote. Larger changes can be quoted as requested.

You can also contact PT Media with any queries.

What happens to my old website?

Once we have created your new website and are ready to publish it online, your domain name will be pointed to your new website. At this time the old website will no longer be visible.

PT Media will archive the content from your old website for future reference and any useful content if needed. You can have a copy of this website content for your archives or it can be stored on your behalf.

Once your new website is live online, you can contact your previous website developer or web hosting provider and cancel those services.

Who owns my domain name and website once completed?

PT Media can register your domain name on your behalf and manage registration for you, but you always own the domain name.

All work activity you have paid for is owned by you including the website and your domain name so it can be moved at any time.

What if I decide to move my website and domain name elsewhere?

That is fine, just ask your new website developer to contact PT Media and all the details can be provided.

If your website has been built in WordPress, you will need to find someone who can manage and transfer using WordPress.

WordPress is commonly used so this will not be a difficult process.

Everything you have paid for is owned by you including the website and your domain name, so it can be moved at any time.

Domain Names can be easily transferred to other Domain Name Registrants.